Is It Better To Repair or Replace A Cracked Windshield?

From days to days, your windshield is sure to take hammering. Windshield repairs and replacements should be completed as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. In several cases, windshield damage may be covered by your auto insurance policy’s comprehensive coverage.


According to NZWindscreen , When should you replace your windscreen?

  • The glass is not laminated, but it is tempered.
  • The crack is about the length of a dollar bill.
  • The crack or chip is deep enough that it has penetrated the windshield more than halfway.
  • The crack or chip reaches all the way to the windshield’s edge.

Always seek the advice of a competent vehicle glass repair technician who can assist you in determining whether your windshield should be fixed or replaced.

Several Scams in windshield replacement should be avoided.

According to NZWindscreen, drivers with windshield damage should watch out for scams that could be insurance fraud. This could include “free” windshield replacements or the replace of windshields that have not been damaged.

3 easy ways to protect yourself from windshield replacement scammers

To protect yourself, Affordable Windscreen suggests that you take the following steps:

  • Look for businesses that are members of the Auto Glass Safety Council.
  • Inquire about the warranty on the work.
  • When shopping for a repair business, get several proper estimates.
  • Only pay after the work is completed.


To fix a windshield, resin is injected into the chipped area, and holes can be drilled into cracks to help prevent them from spreading. According to NZWindscreen’s Popular Mechanics, the work requires someone with experience in either case.

As soon as feasible, replace a shattered windshield. If you hit a large pothole, drive on a bumpy road, or make an aggressive turn, a small chip can grow across the windshield, according to NZWindscreen. According to the Insurance Information Institute, most states declare it illegal to drive a car with a cracked windshield.

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