Useful tips to avoid freezing your car windscreen

It is important to avoid your car windscreen from getting frozen because it’s dangerous to drive with lesser visibility. Defrosting your windscreen can take a lot of time. Thus, you must know a few useful tips to ensure that you don’t get stuck with a frosted windscreen in the morning.

The windows and windscreens of your car should be handled with care. You should never use a metal scraper to defrost your car windscreen as it can scratch the glass and damage your car. You should also not pour boiling water on your windscreen as it can cause the glass to crack. Although Auto Windscreens, a UK based automotive company can help you if your windscreen gets damaged or if you need a car window replacement, you must be careful.

Let’s take a look at how you can stop your windscreen from getting frozen:

  1. Rub raw onion or white vinegar

Take a raw onion half and rub it on your windshield and windows at night. This trick will prevent the formation of frost on the glass. In the morning, you will be delighted to see your car in the perfect condition. Instead of raw onion, you can also rub white vinegar on your windscreen at night.

  1. 2. Make a spray

Instead of buying an expensive de-icer, you can make your own spray to prevent freezing of your car windscreen. Mix isopropyl alcohol with water. The water to isopropyl alcohol ratio should be 1:2. Spray the solution on your windshield and windows to avoid the formation of frost. This solution will come to your help if your door locks ever get frozen. You can spray it on the door lock to defrost it. If you notice that the blades of the windscreen are getting frozen, you should rub them properly with alcohol.

  1. Store your car or keep it covered

Store your car in a garage to prevent your windscreen from getting frozen. Even if you do not have a garage, try to keep your car in any storage space. If you cannot manage a storage space, a car cover will serve the purpose to some extent.

  1. Cover the windscreen of your car

Use fabric material like an old blanket to cover the windscreen of your car. You can also use a cardboard to cover the windscreen. You must make sure that it is fitted tightly and the morning dew cannot seep in through the cardboard. You can also dunk a towel in alcohol and salt water for covering the windscreen. Both alcohol and salt have a low freezing point. Thus, it will prevent your windscreen from getting frozen. Cover the side mirrors of your car with carrier bags at night to prevent freezing. Secure the carrier bags with rubber bands.

  1. Invest in a good quality de-icer

A de-icer can speed up the process of defrosting. You can spray the de-icer on your windscreen at night. It will prevent freezing of your car windscreen and make your life easier.

There are some useful tips to avoid freezing of your car windscreen. Auto Windscreens specializes in glass repair and replacement. If your windscreen needs any repairing or if you are looking for a car window replacement, you can rely on Auto Windscreens.

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